Listen: Cecilia Marfo Cheats on Husband Kofi Clement – Associate Pastor Makes Accusations

Female gospel musician, leader and founder of Cecilia Marfo Prayer Centre aka Tsoo Boyee!!, Cecilia Marfo has been exposed by one of her associate pastors called Gideon.

Gideon in an audio slide going viral made damning allegations against Cecilia Marfo that she is a witch, someone who is using the name of God in vain and for her selfish desires.


According to him, “Cecilia Marfo is a hypocrite, who doesn’t practice what she preaches and also you are using God’s name to do bad things. You told me that you don’t have the spirit of God in you, neither you nor your husband fear God.”

He continued with his revelations that Cecilia Marfo cheated on her husband, Kofi Clement a month before she went to slap the ‘hell out’ of the Kumasi-based gospel singer, Brother Sammy with claims that he is using satanic powers.

“You cheated on your husband a month before you went to do your program at Kumasi where your so-called spirit of the Lord entered in you and forced you to slap Brother Sammy and accused him of using satanic powers…” he revealed.

Listen to the Audio.

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